Class 12 Biology Project

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We were contacted by Ankit Bhatia, a student of Class 12, who requested we write something on the biology project which he (and many other students) have to submit for their exams.

Let us first take a look at what is required. Taken from CBSE’s Senior School Curriculum Vol 1, Page 103

1. Experiments and spotting 20 marks
2. Record of one investigatory project and Viva based on the project 5 marks
3. Class record and Viva based on experiments 5 marks

We are going to discuss the investigatory project.

First of all, remember that it 5 marks which is inclusive of viva. So, we strongly suggest everyone not to copy the project from anywhere, because it would be counterproductive. You should know your project in and out, so that no matter what the examiner asks you, you should be able to answer him/her pretty well.

Now, one of the best ways to find a suitable biology project would be to ask seniors and your teachers in school. Find out who scored well in the previous examinations, and if possible seek help. He/She and your teachers will be able to guide you in a very specific way (Because different schools have different ways to grade projects).

The most important thing, your project should include a case study because it not only makes your project more readable, but also shows that you took out time to prepare it. The case study should be as detailed as possible.

Now, where can you get a Case Study? Just go into any hospital and ask for a case study of a particular disease and get it photocopied. If possible, also seek out a doctor in your city who is a specialist in that disease and get his opinion/notes on the subject.

Here are a few topics to give you an idea (While these projects are good too, we recommend you check with your teachers and senior students as to the pattern of projects your school follows)

If you are preparing the project on a disease write about its prevention, medication and cure too.

  1. A study on HIV Aids – Talk about the disease, the virus – go in details. Include a Case Study.
  2. How Hair Colors and Dyes Affect your hair – Conduct experiments on how different hair colors and dyes affect hair. Point out the difference between ammonia included and ammonia free hair dyes. Get advise from your teacher as to how to conduct the experiment.
  3. How Cigarettes are harmful – Do tests on various tobacco products and list out their harmful effects. Do a Case Study.
  4. Cancer – Do a general overview first, then choose a particular cancer and write in detail. Do a Case Study.
  5. Pulmonary Tuberculosis – Explain the disease. Do a Case Study.
  6. Noise Pollution and its effect on ears – Study and show how ears react to different decibels of sound. What sound levels are acceptable? Do a case study, if possible.
  7. Eye Cataract – Explain the disease and do a case study.
  8. Ovarian Cyst – Explain the disease and do a case study.
  9. Blood - Explain the different components in detail. Pick a disease related to it and do a case study.
  10. Tea leaves/Coffee addiction – Explain how tea leaves/coffee beans cause addiction and their effects. Do a filter test. If possible, do a case study.
  11. DNA Fragments used in forensics – Explain how DNA fragments help solving crime. Do a case study.

We do recommend that you talk to your teacher in detail about the project you choose and also to a senior student.

Here are a few more tips to secure the extra marks -

  • Please make sure you write the project yourself (this fetches you extra marks), rather than a print out.
  • A good project (including case study) should consist of 20+ pages.
  • Paste as many diagrams and photographs regarding the topic as possible. Make it look appealing.
  • Make sure that you understand the project really well, because you will need to score good on the viva too. A great project and a poor viva will spoil the show.
  • Think 5-10 questions about your project, which you think the examiner can ask you and prepare them well.

Well, these are our recommendations. If there are any further questions, you can leave in the comments or contact us through the contact page. We hope this helped you :)

Good luck with the projects!

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