How to get CBSE Duplicate Certificates and Marksheets.

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Many of the students have asked questions relating to duplicate certificates of CBSE in comments and by messaging us.

If you have lost your original certificates of CBSE, whether it is a Certificate of Marks, Passing Certificate or the certificate of Date of Birth, then you can get another one from CBSE by following the given procedure.

Procedure for Obtaining the Duplicate Certificates -

1. For each of the required certificates, download the application form from CBSE’s website. Link to which is given here -> DOWNLOAD

(So if you want Certificate of passing and Statement of Marks in duplciate, you need to submit two of the above application forms)

2. If you are requesting a duplicate copy of a Qualifying Certificate then you also need to a file an affidavit of Rs 10 on a non-judicial stamp paper. The specimen of which is given in the form above. This affidavit must be attested by a First Class Magistrate or a Notary Public.

3. A draft for press notification of the loss of your certificates is also given in the form. You can publish this in a newspaper to inform the public as to the loss of certificates. A copy of the press clipping can be attached to the application form.

4. File the application form along with fees as per the details given below in this post to

In case of examination year up to 2002 – Dy. Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, Todarmal Marg, Ajmer (Rajasthan)
In case of examination year after 2002 – Your concerned Regional Office, the address and number of which is mentioned in the application form above.

Note – If you belong in the Chennai Region and the examination year is after 1991, you have to apply to Chennai Regional Office Only.

5. Receive the documents within about 15 days (excluding holidays).

Fees for Obtaining the Duplicate Certificates -

1. For duplicate copy of a certificate – Rs. 50

2. For a migration Certificate – Rs. 50

3. For certificate of Date of Birth – Rs. 50

4. For a Provisional Certificate – Rs. 50

5. For duplicate copy of Statement of Marks – Rs. 50

6. If certificate is required withing 2 days (excluding holidays) an additional fees of Rs. 50 is required.

7. For certificates required by post – Rs. 20 (for local candidates) or Rs. 30 (for outstation candidates)

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Forgot CBSE Roll Number – How to obtain Roll Number

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Many students have messaged us with a common problem that they have forgotten their CBSE roll numbers.

CBSE roll numbers are required if you want to get a duplicate mark sheet or a dupicate pass certificate. However, because they have forgotten their roll number, they are unable to get the said certificates.

To resolve this problem – the quickest and the safest option is to contact your school. Schools usually maintain a batch wise result list and getting your roll number would be pretty easy.

Also, you can try and contact your classmates who will be able to confirm the roll numbers they had and then you can approximate what series roll number was there for you.

If this fails, then you can try and contact your college who would usually keep the photocopies of your marksheet/pass certificate in their office records.

However the safest option is still to get your roll number through the school result list which CBSE generates every year. It is also available online when the results are declared and a copy is kept by the school.

If all else fails, you can write to CBSE Helpline and discuss with them the situation and they will guide you on what steps you can take to recover your roll number. You may need to prove your identity and your request will take some time to process.

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Online Generation of LOC (List of Candidates) for Class X and XII for 2011 Exam pertaining to Local Schools of Delhi and Foreign Schools (Delhi Region)

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The List of Candidates of Class 10th and Class 12th for the 2011 examinations of CBSE can now be generated online. This however is available only for Delhi Region. In the link given below, you just need to enter the user id and password which you had created at the time of your online registration of the relevant class (9th, 10th, 11th and 12th) and you will receive the LOC details.

This online generation is hailed by students as it helps facilitate their roll number queries.

Visit –

to check yours out.

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Online Generation of Roll No. List of Candidate for Class 10th & 12th for 2010 Exam pertaining to Schools of Delhi Region

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We should thank CBSE because now you can also check your roll number online (only Delhi region for now). Even though CBSE does circulate a hard copy to all the schools, it sometimes gets late. So, they also have provided an online way to check your roll number.

To check your roll number you will need your school’s affiliation number (to be entered as username) and your school number (to be entered as password). Go to the link below to check your roll number :-

*Click me to find out your roll number*

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